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We are always doing our best to be the premier basketball handicapping website for our readers. We are always adding content and articles for the public to read and the list and index of current and previous basketball articles will be posted on this page here.

This way you will be able to always see what we have written and can have a reference point if you need to ever reread any of our works.

This will also give prospected buyers an idea of how we think and handicap basketball games, as a way to prove our expertise when it comes to basketball betting.

If there is some topic you would like covered email us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

1) College Basketball Handicapping - Part one of our focusing on underdogs relating to college hoops.

2) NBA Handicapping - The second part of our underdog piece using NBA basketball as an example.

3) College Sports Handicapping - Takes a look at trap games and spotting them in NCAA basketball.

4) Handicapping using free throws - Article about free throw shooting related to the college game.

5) NBA Point Spreads - Article that takes a look at a recent playoff game and explains how point spreads work.

6) Eastern Conference NBA Playoff Preview - preview of the 8 NBA basketball teams left in the east.

7) Western Conference NBA Playoff Preview - basketball preview of the 8 remaining western conference teams for the 07 NBA playoff campaign.

More recent articles are on the home page.