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Anyone who has consistently wagered on basketball has had to do one thing at least once in their experience; and that is sweat free throws. How many times have you handicapped an NCAA basketball pick and had the game come down to the wire and are decided by free throws? Too many to even count but what’s of more importance to sports bettors is the amount of games that free throws at the end of the game decide who covers the spread? Anyone who has to go through the horror of watching an eighteen or nineteen year old kid holding your cash in his hands in that round, orange thing we call a basketball can tell you that foul shooting is important in covering the spread and winning your NCAA basketball pick. However, we must not forget all the other missed free throws throughout the course of the game. Those are the ones that many gamblers forget, yet they count as well. Therefore, consistent free throw shooting is a big part in determining the out come of games and should be a big part of you determining your college basketball picks. If you take the time to count up all those misses, you might find yourself with a bad head ache and a losing ticket on your hands.

For instance, I was on George Washington a few weeks ago against St. Joseph’s. I got down on GW early at minus 2½. They struggled in the second half but came storming back in the second half and had a double digit lead with about six minutes to go. What cost me though is that basketball is a game of runs and it wasn’t long until St. Joe’s made one of their own. So with about ten seconds to go, I needed George Washington to hit their free throws. They end the game making 2 out of 4 from the line. All I needed was one more than that to get the cover. In the end, GW wins by 2 and I lose my biggest play of the week. You cannot ignore teams that shoot well from the line and I always examine what kind of free throw shooting team I have before placing my final wager. Free throws need to be included in any statistical analysis while handicapping a basketball game. If they are not, then the game has not been completely examined. That’s all there is to it.

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