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NBA Handicapping

In our college basketball handicapping article we referenced to preferring to bet mostly on underdogs as compared to the favorites due to the enormous line value we are often getting due to public sentiment. Today we are going to continue with that underdog theory as this next piece will focus on NBA underdogs and why they are the way to go when you are handicapping NBA basketball.

You have heard the phrase “any given Sunday” referenced to pro football before, but this also correlates to NBA hoops. On any given day any team, no matter how poorly they have performed can put forth a perfect game and knock off a power house conference leader. In College basketball and NCAA football there is often a wide talent gap, but in the professional football and basketball leagues that talent gap is much smaller thus you can see plenty of upsets on a weekly basis.

Remember that no matter how perfect a team has played, no matter how good they have looked, with the right situations an inferior team can come in and often knock off the powerhouse by catching them off guard. Because this article and our website refers to betting and point spreads, one must factor into their NBA handicapping that a lot of the time the inferior team will not win the game straight up, but will often be getting a handful of points, and will play hard enough to get you a cover. You will always here the public say things like, “this team is a lock” or “how the hell can the Spurs lose to the Sonics” this is all public perception which is already factored into the NBA betting lines, giving you even more value on the dog.

Remember the underdog doesn’t need to win the game outright for you to win your bet; they just have to be competitive and stay within the allotted NBA point spread. Most of the public is obsessed with better teams and will never look at playing an underdog, but we cannot stress enough how valuable those extra points can be and that underdog bets are the best available when betting on NBA basketball.

For more information and to get our NBA handicapping picks check out the premium picks page.