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College Basketball Handicapping

Today I am going to give you some insight into the college basketball handicapping at If you have purchased premium picks from us before you know that we tend to play a lot of underdogs and for good reason. Now favorites don’t always lose against the point spread and over the course of time it is almost a 50/50 split between the two against closing lines. The problem is certain favorites are typically bad bets and spotting these opportunities on a daily basis can really increase your bankroll.

One has to remember that when setting the college basketball lines, sportsbooks are setting the odds to keep the action as equal as possible on the favorite and the underdog. By now you know that the position the books are looking for is even money on both sides so the bookmaker is not at risk, thus collecting his 10% vigorish from the losing players while paying the winners with the losers original money. Right there is a good enough reason to look strictly at underdogs when you sit down to start handicapping college basketball.

For those that still don’t see it let me explain. Since 90% of the betting public almost exclusively lays money on the favorite, online sportsbooks typically must shade the line towards the underdog to accumulate betting action on the lesser of the 2 squads. Often when the college basketball lines are first opened the favorite is juiced up by as many as 2-3 points since the bookmaker is knowingly going to take much heavier action on the favorite. This purpose is two-fold, punish players who still wish to play the favorite, by paying a premium (having to lay a couple extra points) and to persuade players to bet on the underdog.

You would think that most pubic bettors that handicap college basketball would see this extra levy they are paying, but no one does and continues to pile onto inflated numbers all the way up until tip off. You can often find the best line about 30 minutes before game time before the sharp college basketball handicappers hit the underdog at the highest possible line in their favor.

We are constantly writing new material for the site so check back often for expert insight from In the meantime are still offering our winning point spread picks to all visitors for a small fee on the college basketball picks page.

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