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College Basketball Picks

Are you constantly paying out week after week while betting on basketball? Do you feel like it is impossible to consistently pick winners against the basketball point spread? If you answered yes to either of those 2 questions, we advise you to read on, because you have just stumbled upon the solution to your quandary. Even if you have had success in past seasons but just don't have the time or desire to handicap basketball anymore we advise reading on.

First off we applaud you seeking out help from a professional service, some sports bettors feel ashamed paying for winning college basketball picks and would rather lose money each and every season while betting their own losing picks, instead of investing in our College basketball picks this season.

At our handicappers specialize in providing accurate premium & free college basketball picks starting in late November all the way through March Madness for our members. This season due to many client requests we have also added our NBA picks into our basketball package. Because we are very accurate in the NBA, and because 99% of our clients bet the NBA, the decision to add our NBA picks to our basketball package was a no-brainer.

Over the years we have had 8 top 5 finishes in sports handicapping and monitoring contests and we are consistently turning profits with these same college basketball picks for us and our clients each season. We don't claim to have inside information, locks, or 70% winners with our winning NCAA basketball picks. We hope that you have been well informed from honest and respectable sports bettors, but just in case we do like to state those things do not exist. We believe in raw handicapping combining things like, power ratings, home court advantage, coaching, fatigue, and a number of other factors that we use to produce winning College basketball picks and NBA picks for our members.

Unlike other sports services we guarantee winners, as all of our basketball picks packages are guaranteed to profit or equal time is given free of charge. Bottom line is we are very confident in our NBA & College basketball picks and want you to be able to bet our picks with confidence.

Whether you bet $50 or $5000 a game, we cater to all players alike. Our College basketball picks are so affordable that even if you are just starting out with a small bankroll you will still make money this season betting our College Basketball & NBA Picks we release daily. Over the last 3 seasons our full season basketball subscribers have netted on average $5200 in profit betting $100 per unit, not bad for a small investment.

We do have a free pick mailing list where we send out free basketball picks daily to all subscribers. To get signed up enter your email address on the left hand side of the page or on our Free College basketball picks page. Whether or not you decide to join the top College basketball handicapping service on the we, we thank you for reading and wish you the best of luck this season!

To view our affordable prices click on the College basketball picks link for package information.

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