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College Basketball Wagering

How To Beat the Bookie!

Many people have the misconception that making money College Basketball betting is for professionals only but that is far from the truth. Research that is available on the Internet provides bettors with the opportunity to make an educated wager just like the professionals do.

Betting on College Basketball is constantly growing around the world and every one counts the days down to the opening day of the College Basketball season. It is not uncommon for the average College Basketball bettor to make money throughout the year wagering on College Basketball through stuff like futures and who will win their conference bets in the offseason.

Many sportsbooks will tell you that there are many years College Basketball bettors have got the better of them. If you hear the statement that you cannot win betting in the College Basketball, you now know better than to believe it. Although, there are a few things that the average College Basketball bettor can do to increase the odds of winning and that is exactly what we are going to review.

Modern technology has made pro sports betting convenient to the bettor. Many people like to wager on several different College Basketball games and satellite and cable operators have now made it possible for individuals to purchase the ESPN game plan package. This package allows you to watch an additional 50 College Basketball games every week, all year long.

Bettors that have access to this option find themselves with the opportunity to review 10 times more games in College Basketball, not just the national televised games. Many people will not bet on games that they cannot watch so they can often find themselves settling for a bet because the game is nationally televised. By having several options available everyday a bettor can make better decisions on what the best bet is and they can actually watch it. College Basketball is next to impossible to watch every game and that gives you the advantage over the bookmaker. The bookie isn't scrolling over games in the mid major conference let alone staying up watching the west coast teams that play in conferences like the Mountain West, Pac Ten, and West Coast Conference.

Having this advantage is huge over the house. With the College Basketball pay per view tv package you can select exactly what games you want to wager on and watch them.

It is always recommended to pay close attention to how the line moves throughout the day. When it comes time to place your wager you will be able to determine the best line available for the game you want to wager on. Typically, favorites should be wagered on early in the day and underdogs should be wagered on before tip. Teams especially public ones like Duke, North Carolina, and Kentucky that are favored will typically climb throughout the day that makes underdogs go up throughout the day. A team may be a 6-point favorite on the overnight line but they are an 8-point favorite minutes before tip, this is a big difference for a bettor. These simple tips can assist you with placing your wager at the right time.