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Betting Basketball TV Games

TV games are accessible to any bettor around the world. Anytime a game is being nationally televised, sportsbooks receive increases in betting dramatically. It is astonishing how much more people will bet on televised games when compared to non-televised games.

During college basketball’s regular-season there is anywhere from 40 to 50 games played every week that will be played on networks like ESPN, CBS, and Fox Sports. Oddsmakers do not discriminate between games. They study each game if it's televised or not the same when setting the line. Any game that is being nationally televised will draw more attention and many bettors will base their handicapping on televised games. Many bettors will like the point spread on a college basketball game but not place a wager on it because it's not being televised. Saturday day time basketball and the ESPN weeknight basketball is usually the most important games for sportsbooks because of their national attention. Also many bettors who have had a bad run of luck on the week day games in college basketball will make an aggressive effort to bounce back on these Saturday TV games.

What strategies should a bettor use when playing TV games? There really is not a 100% guaranteed answer to this question but it is important to be aware of how the public is betting. Most of the time you can pay close attention to how the line moves to determine where the money is going. If the Kentucky Wildcats open up as a five-point favorite and becomes a seven-point favorite before game time, then it becomes obvious that the money is going on the Cats to cover. If there is not much movement in a line spread then it is safe to assume that public money is going on the favorite and the overs.

Betting basketball that is nationally televised is something that most people do at least once in their life. Many professional bettors will invest in Directv and ESPN Game Plan to allow them to carry as many tv games as possible. This gives them the advantage of not betting on a game just because they cannot watch it. Instead they can bet on a game they feel they have the best odds of winning and they can watch it. Many cable and satellite companies will also offer college games that are not televised nationally like the Mountain West Network for example. When betting a national televised basketball game make sure you look at all of the betting options available like the overs, the unders, half-time scores, and any other options available to determine the best bet for you.